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Site Updated 08.31.17

Andrew's Web Galleries:

A Photographic Expedition on the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers
April 14th - 25th, 2007 with Michael Reichmann and Jay Maisel
Published slide shows of both my fun stuff and more serious photographs from the trip.
Greg Gorman's Mendocino Digital Workshop
August 12th-17th, 2007
Greg Gorman's Mendocino Digital Workshop w/Robb Carr
October 17th-21st, 2011
Digital Dogs trip to the Galapagos and Quito
February 2010
Greg Gorman's Mendocino Digital Workshop w/Robb Carr
October 26th-31st, 2014
Whippets at White Sands 2016

Recent Web Articles and free video's by the Digital Dog (older web links on Tips and Tricks page)

08.31.17 Albuquerque Camera Club Notes

02.07.17 Video tutorial: Photoshop CC Color Settings & Convert to Profile/Assign Profile Commands

01.09.17 Video tutorial: Soft Proofing in Adobe Photoshop CC

01.03.17 Video tutorial: Color Management in Adobe Camera Raw (CC 2017)

05.18.16 Video tutorial: sRGB urban legends Part 2

04.08.16 Video tutorial: Not all ICC Profiles are created equally

03.02.16 Video tutorial: Delta-E and Color Accuracy

02.09.16 Video tutorial: sRGB urban legends Part 1

12.04.15 Video tutorial: Why are my prints too dark

11.13.15 Video tutorial: The Out Of Gamut overlay in Photoshop and Lightroom

07.28.15 Importance of Custom Printer Profiles

02.23.15 The difference between gamut and color numbers

09.22.14 Video Tutorial: The benefits of wide gamut working spaces on printed output

09.16.14 Gamut Test File: TIFF for testing output in 16-bit ProPhoto RGB

06.16.14 TIFF versus PSD, what to use and how

02.13.14 Video tutorial: Everything you thought you wanted to know about Histograms

01.11.14 Video tutorial: Creating DNG camera profiles

10.10.13 2.25 hour Color Management in Photoshop CC course on Train Simple's web site

01.18.13 Video tutorial covering the use of Lab and RGB for skintone corrections

10.03.12 Video tutorial (37 min) covering Gamuts of working spaces, images and output devices.

06.28.12 Video tutorial (30 min) covering the Photoshop Color Settings and Convert to Profile

05.31.12 RetouchPro video: How to purchase a display (Other links to video rentals on Tips and Tricks page)

03.05.12 Video review of Alien Skin Exposure 4

02.09.12 RetouchPro Display Calibration intensive Video

01.19.12 Video tutorial: Lightroom 4 and soft proofing video part 2

01.10.12 Video tutorial: Lightroom 4 and soft proofing video

08.16.11 Digital Dog now on Advisory board of The Image Collective

07.26.11 Display Calibration and Contrast Ratio explained

07.11.11 Pixel Genius releases PhotoKit 2.0

04.24.11 Interesting blog entry about Layers in Lightroom and the power of marketing hype

03.14.11 Using ColorThink Pro to plot deltaE differences in Color Lists

02.24.11 Using Apply Image Command to compare differences in images

01.12.11 Digital Dog on Fine Art Photography Weekly (Episode 21)

01.12.11 Pixel Genius releases PhotoKit Sharpener II. Click here for a review.

11.15.10 Pixel Genius announces PhotoKit Sharpener 2.0

02.15.08 Review of the Barbieri Spectro LFP

02.07.08 Color Managed Proofing and Printing with Photoshop CS3. A Free Adobe eSeminar

12.05.07 PDF explaining new Epson Leopard Driver options

10.12.07 Exposing for Raw: Article from Digital Photo Pro magazine

10.10.07 Pixel Genius to supply ICC profiles for Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper

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Custom made ICC Profiles, click here!
NEW Features.We are happy to produce custom ICC profiles for any output device (RGB or CMYK). The cost is $100 per custom profile and includes an optional Optimization Process. Please contact us at andrew@digitaldog.net for additional instructions so we can produce your profile (we need your email to send the files and the resulting ICC profile).

The Pixel Mafia
The Pixel Mafia is a group of industry leaders with a collective vision that aims to aid and direct the digital imaging industry.

"Color Management for Photographers"
Download a sample of Chapter 1 (Color Management and why we need it)
Download Book Index and Acknowledgements

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