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Printer Test File A JPEG RGB file for testing your output devices. Saved in ColorMatch RGB. Use to test output to both CMYK or RGB output devices (this is a reference image).

2014 Printer Test File A TIFF RGB 16-bit Adobe RGB (1998) test file (NEW).

Gamut Test File A TIFF RGB 16-bit ProPhoto RGB test file from raw data (NEW).

Film vs. Digital
(12.4.99) A look at film vs. the BetterLight and the new Leaf digital cameras Optional download: A JPEG of the comparison of film vs. digital
Black Point Compensation
Mysteries of black point compensation explained, ever wonder what that check box does?
Gamut Maps
(03.20.00) This PDF shows various RGB Working Spaces and output device gamut plots.
A in the trenches guide to resolution? Make that resolution light bulb turn on in your head!
Scanner Interfaces
The interface can make or break a scanner, find out what to look for in a scanning interface.
Scanning tutorial
How to achieve the best possible scans out of any scanner...the first time.
Understanding RGB to CMYK Conversions
(06.21.00) An overview of what's involved & how to accomplish this important process
Photoshop CS Histogram Palette
(01.07.04) How the Histogram Palette operates.
Photoshop CS Shadow-Highlight Command
(01.07.04) This new feature is more powerful than meets the eye!
Assign vs Convert Tutorial
Learn the differences in this step-by-step tutorial from my book. Photoshop 5 through CC.
Articles in PDF form from Professional Photographer Magazine:
Why you need a working space
Discusses what a working space is. See the Adobe White Paper The Role of working spaces in Adobe Applications above for more information.
Rendering Intents and ICC profiles
Discusses what profile rendering intents are and when to use them.
The Assign Profile command
Discusses what this command does and when it is useful. See Assign vs. Convert Tutorial above.
The difference between profiling and calibration
Another primer on color management.
Photoshop Color Setting
What this massive dialog controls. No matter the version of Photoshop you are using, you can still read this and understand how to configure. Also see 30min video.

The Convert to Profile command
Discusses what this command does and when it is useful.
Print with Preview
This piece covers the original Print with Preview and how conversions take place there for output.
Customize Proof Setup
Discusses what this command does and when it is useful.
Testing your display profile
Simple tests you can use to examine how well your display is calibrated.
The RGB Working Color Space Debate
Another color space debate put to rest!
About Color Models
RGB, CMYK, Lab oh my!
What is Light, what is color?
A primer on light, color and colorimetry.
The color of white
White is a color! But what color?
Evaluating ICC profiles with ColorThink Pro
A look at the swiss army knife of color management utilities.
Color Management in Lightroom
A primer on how Lightrooms color management is implemented. Be sure to see the soft proof videos covering Lightroom v4
CMYK Part 1
Part one discussing the devils color space and pitfalls of CMYK.
CMYK Part 2
Part two discussing the devils color space and pitfalls of CMYK.
Digital Photography and Color Management
ICC White Paper co- authored by the digital dog on scene and output referred imagery.
Inside Nash Editions
A look at the shop that put fine art ink jet printing on the map.
Iridient Digital Raw Developer
Review of a very good raw processing application.
Review of the NEC LED Wide Gamut Display
While no longer manufactured, worth reading to see how RGB LED display technology operates.
Soft Proofing explained
What is soft proofing and why you want to be using it!

Editing a Soft Proofing
Editing your images based on a soft proof

Soft proofing and WYSIWYG
There is more to WYSIWYG then just setting up soft proofing. This article explains print viewing conditions.
Anatomy of ICC profiles
A dissection of an ICC profile.
Color Accuracy vs. Pleasing Color
They are not the same! Find out what the differences are. Learn about deltaE. See Accuracy and dE Video
Fine Tuning your ICC profiles
A discussion of some options for editing ICC Profiles.
The Great Color Space debate #1
Part one discussing the optimal color space for image editing.See Color Gamut Video
The Great Color space debate #2
Part two discussing the optimal color space for image editing.
The eyes don't have it
The problems with eyeball calibration.
The Right Light: controlled lighting
The importance of controlling print viewing conditions.
The Right light: controlled lighting II
Part 2 of the importance of controlling print viewing conditions.
To Rip or Not to Rip
What is a RIP and do you need one?
Linearity and Gamma
These terms are used in imaging, what do they mean?
The Trouble with FWAs (OBAs)
How your printing paper can cause issues if they contain optical brighteners.
The Power of DNG
Why you might want to be using the DNG format for raw data.
Photoshop: Six Degrees of Separation
Like the Will Smith movie, Photoshop has a few interesting connections that are not always obvious.
Older Web Article Archives:
PS 5 Color Management
This is the "director's cut" (a longer version) then the PEI mag article.
Photoshop 5.0 Tips
Tips are also pertinent to Photoshop 6 & 7 & newer versions of Photoshop!
Review of the GretagMacbeth EyeOne Suite
A look at the EyeOne Match suite.
Color Management Round-up
A round up of Color Management software products updated from the
article (A gamut of Solutions) posted 02.24.00
Using Photoshop to create profiles
Build a custom input profile using Photoshop
Color Geek Utilities
(01.07.04) A round up of some new color management utilities
What's new in Photoshop CS3
Article from Digital Photo Pro Magazine
Video (Webinar) Rentals of the Digital Dog from RetouchPRO Live:
See: http://www.retouchpro.com/for more information about this site and video rentals. Recorded 2010-2012.
Calibrating Digital Cameras
10.18.08 The ultimate "How-to" on how to make you digital camera's images to look like they should.
Lightroom vs. Photoshop
What's the difference? More than you might think.
Which should you use? What do all those options provide?
Photoshop CS Interface tweaks
(01.07.04) See how Adobe has pushed the envelope with improvements in the CS GUI. Still applies in CS6 so check it out.
Organizing photo's in Lightroom
Some possible ideas for using LRs DAM to find your images.
What is color management, and why do we need it?
Basic primer on color management. First in the series.
Color Management for Designers and Photogrpahers
From Photoshop User December 2007
The Role of working spaces in Adobe applications
An Adobe White paper by the digital dog.
Raw Processing in Lightroom
From Photoshop User November 2008
The Bit Depth Debate
Article originally on Digital Photo Pro Magazine
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